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Project Description
Fireli stands for File Repository Library, a library that manages file repositories in an abstract manner. The user of the library sees a familiar file and folder API, however the underlying implementation can use the file system, a relational database, or another way to store the data.

Files can be organized into folders and everything is placed inside a repository (think of it as a drive or filesystem). When a file is inserted in the repository, a unique identifier is assigned to it, to prevent name clashes, a problem that web applications usually have to deal with.

Fireli is written in C# and requires .NET 2.0. Two implementations are already included, an implementation backed by the file system that uses xml files to store Fireli metadata and an implementation backed by a relational database that stores files as BLOBs.

Feature Summary
  • Files, folders and repositories described by interfaces
  • Filesystem and database implementations
  • Files are identified by UUIDs to prevent name clashes
  • Quotas per repository may be configured
  • Simple API

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